What is Lawsuit Funding?

Lawsuit funding, alternatively called settlement cash advances, has become quite a common service in recent times. Every injured persons in the US can use this very service to finance the lawsuit they intend on filing against the party responsible for causing their injury. Such funds can be used by the client for any instantaneous financial challenges arising from their injury such as credit card bills, mortgage payments, car payments etc.

It is simple and quick to get a cash upfront on an awaiting settlement or lawsuit. If you have been involved in an accident that caused a serious injury and are being represented by a lawyer, all you need to do is simply get in touch with a pre-settlement funding company such as Injury Funds Now. To apply, you can simply google their name to find their website. Your case will then be reviewed by them and within a few days, they will give you a feedback. If you’re okay with the offer, a part of what could be your settlement is advanced in return for a percentage of the anticipated recovery. ‘Injury Funds Now” will give you a reply just within 24 hours that is why they have one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry. Funds will be wired directly directly into your bank account the same day.  

Most of the lawsuit funding companies give cash advances only on the merits of the case. You do not need to be employed neither are there any credit checks. If the case becomes a  successful one, the money advanced and the fee previously agreed upon are paid out from the proceeds of the injury claim. If the case becomes unsuccessful, there is no fee and the funds are not going to be repaid so this is a 100% risk free service.  This leaves the funding company on the losing side, and at such, rates and fees vary from one company to the other, depending on the risk appetite of the company in question.

Some of them charge hidden fees such as application fees, closing costs, etc. They tend to offer what appears to be very low rates, but when you add the hidden fees and all the rates, which are often compounded every month, it can get quite high. ‘Injury Funds Now”  is void of compounding or  hidden fees. They even have a same rate program which allows you to know the amount you’ll have to pay back.

Lastly, take note of the fact that oftentimes, the defense attorney of the defendant will often intentionally try and prolong the case  with the hopes that the plaintiff  will become desperate and will agree to settle for less than what is being sought. It can only be balanced by a pre-settlement advance, by allowing the attorney to take his or time to get the highest possible recovery! So by making use of a service that provides lawsuit funding, it is possible to ensure that the case has all the resources it needs and consequently stands a higher chance of ending with a positive outcome, benefiting both client and attorney.