7 Hot Tips For Effective Lawyer Marketing

If there is one thing lawyers are generally good at, it’s practicing law. What is one thing they are terrible at? Even though I can probably mention a hundred, I want to focus on just one thing – marketing (their services.) That’s one of the reasons their own marketing efforts are often destined to fail.

Lawyers practice law, NOT marketing. It takes a certain amount of boldness for an attorney to think he can effectively market his services. And in cases where they admit they know nothing about marketing and decide to entrust that function to a professional, you can almost be sure to have them constantly over analyze whatever marketing plan presented to them. If there is one thing you are very likely to hear from them, or that they might imply at some time, it the fact that “beyond a reasonable doubt” there is no way that marketing plan presented can work for them.

Here are eight great suggestions from law firm marketing professionals that are guaranteed to produce results for your law firm’s marketing activities.

Lawyer Marketing

  1. Be cognizant of the fact that there are some risks involved in marketing a law firm or service. Be open to accepting and embracing this risk.
  2. Have it in mind that being a lawyer is being a business owner. Therefore you need to learn how to sometimes switch off from lawyer mode and put on a business person’s hat. So you need to stop seeing yourself as “an attorney” and do all the things that a business person would do to grow his business.
  3. As previously mentioned, being a lawyer is very far removed from being a marker, or in fact knowing anything about it. So essentially, when the subject matter involves marketing, you simply should stop arguing with the marketing experts handling your marketing.
  4. You need to recognize and realize that the traditional and old way of marketing a law firm is dead. The famous Yellow pages of yesteryear is all but dead, as is most newspaper advertising for the most part. Neither of these methods can ever be half as effective as the Internet.
  5. You need to recognize that marketing, and digital marketing especially, takes time. So don’t bring on board a marketing team and expect to begin to see results in 3 months. A reasonable mindset to have is “however long it takes” to achieve results.
  6. There’s always a price that comes with effectively marketing a law firm. You need to be ready to pay the price to see results.
  7. Realize that “Education-Based Marketing” alongside a solid “Client Referral System” is the recipe for effective 21st Century Law Firm Marketing. This is why you must ensure that your marketing campaign involves a very strong and robust content component.

In the event that you absolutely cannot hire a marketing team to handle your marketing for you for whatever reason, including not having the funds for it, then the best you can do in that situation is to make sure you thoroughly learn all there is to learn about marketing. So this means reading as many books,  participating in as many forum discussions, taking some marketing courses, finding a mentor to put you through, and any other thing you can think of that will help. So while doing all of these can get the job done and turn you into a mean marketing machine, recall that marketing is and/or can be a full-time job, which will obviously take up a lot of the time you need to dedicate to your law practice.

Lastly, in addition to all the learning, you will be doing on the subject of marketing, especially digital marketing, there are a few specific things you can do that can somewhat aid in your marketing, without you needing to  Alternatively, look to obtain a listing in another highly trafficked legal site in your state.

Firstly, it goes without needing to be mentioned that the very first thing you need to do is own a dedicated law firm website, but you shouldn’t expect clients to start hounding you down just because you now have a website. That said, some of the things you can do that require very little marketing effort or knowledge, is to make sure you submit your firm to as many lawyer directories online as possible, as there is a new trend of people flocking to the many lawyer directories online to find a lawyer to provide legal advice.